Our mission as a funeral business
is to allow you to offer your loved ones a funeral in their image .


Bleu ciel préarrangements
Bleu Ciel offers several services to support you in your various steps. Are you looking for a place where you can pay tribute to the missing loved one? Do you want to find a company that will help you take care of the procedures for organizing a funeral?


Bleu Ciel is at your disposal to accompany you throughout this moment and will adapt to your requests. Our funeral pre-arrangement services are there to ensure that the funeral you want takes place the way you want and to save your loved ones a strong emotional burden.
If you want a traditional funeral followed by a cremation, an exhibition of the ashes in the chapel of our funeral home, an exhibition in the living room followed by a cremation or a funeral direction at the church of your choice in the presence of the ashes, we can offer you various services which will guarantee you full coverage of the services you choose.
What we offer: our service to transport the remains to our home, the registration of deaths at the civil status, a cremation service, the organization of the direction of the funeral or even coordination with the church. We also provide you with the cremation container and the basic urn is included (real urn, no charge).


We are still in the process of filing the RRQ application in person to speed up the process of recovering the amounts granted for reimbursement if the deceased is eligible for this government assistance.


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