Our mission as a funeral business
is to allow you to offer your loved ones a funeral in their image .


Notre engagement

Our Commitment

Today, most people have informed their families of their funeral preferences or, already have consigned the guidelines in an official prearranged plan well before their death and for which they have already paid.

If no plan has been prearranged, Bleuciel Espace Hommage will tailor a ceremony along with the family that will outline the most important moments of the deceased life. Bleuciel will also simplify the process by meeting with you either at our funeral homes or in the privacy and comfort of your home.

Whether you are planning an elaborate ceremony (with a casket or an urn, a video presentation or more) or a simple gathering around the casket or the urn (with a photo and flowers) you will receive the same dedication and respect from Bleuciel.

You can rely on our team from the initial transport of the deceased, to the ceremony and to the final destination of the remains (cemetery, mausoleum or columbarium). When choosing Bleuciel you will benefit from several years of experience of our team.

Our mission

What really makes Bleuciel Espace Hommage different from the other funeral homes is of course our special attention to our clients and our undeniable availability, but it is also guidance in preparing a ceremony that focuses on the celebration of life of the deceased and the management, on your behalf, of the following aspects:

  • Preparing the request for the death benefit paid by La Régie des Rentes du Québec;
  • Preparing the request for the death certificate;
  • the services of professionals helping you through your mourning;
  • the services of notaries helping you in settling all aspects of the estate;
  • And, if needed, some references for lawyers, insurance specialists or accountants.

When meeting with us following the death of a family member, we will take the time to know the deceased better allowing us to plan a ceremony that will be to his image.

  • You have pictures? We have all the necessary equipment to prepare a video production free of charge;
  • You want to make a special set-up and exhibit some objects cherished by the deceased? Why not! Our team will help you in the design and set-up of the room.
  • You want to choose some music? We have the appropriate audio system to play the songs that you have selected at your convenience and at the right moment during the ceremony.

Furthermore, at Bleuciel our installation is dedicated to only one family at the time.
You can then enjoy our spaces to greet your family and friends as if you were home. That is how Bleuciel offers you more. Call us for a visit or to receive a brochure and more documentation.