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The $ 2,500 death benefit


What is the death benefit?

The death benefit is financial assistance paid by the provincial government after the death of a person, provided that the deceased has contributed sufficiently to the Quebec Pension Plan. In the event that the deceased person has not sufficiently contributed to the RRQ, a special benefit for funeral expenses could be paid by the Ministry of Employment and Social Solidarity, under certain conditions.


How do I get the death benefit?

Your funeral director can prepare the documents for the Régie des Rentes du Québec death benefit application. You will then receive the amount by check in a single payment.
Who can request it?

It is the person who paid the funeral expenses who will receive a refund of the amounts paid. This person must request reimbursement within 60 days of death. If no claim for reimbursement is made after 60 days, the death benefit will be paid to the heirs. If the heirs refuse the inheritance, it will be given to other people. Contact our notary for more information.


If the person had prior funeral arrangements, are we eligible for the death benefit?

If the deceased had made prior funeral arrangements, the death benefit will be delivered to the heirs who request it.


How long after death will we receive payment?

The usual time for processing a request is 39 days, but the maximum time is 90 days.


What is the maximum deadline for the reimbursement of funeral expenses?

The maximum time limit for submitting a request for a death benefit to the Régie is 5 years after the date of death.


What are the reimbursable funeral costs?

The RRQ agrees to reimburse only the following costs, up to a maximum of $ 2,500:

  • transport and embalming of the body, coffin, urn and funeral niche;
  • exhibition at the funeral home;
  • funeral service, burial or cremation, services of the funeral director;
  • publication of obituaries, thank you cards;
  • cemetery lot, funeral monument or inscription on it;
  • telephone or telegram costs incurred to reach family members;
  • taxes related to eligible expenses.


Is the death benefit taxable?

Yes, the amount of the death benefit received is taxable. It must be declared in the estate income, regardless of the order in which the check was issued. For more information on the estate tax return, contact our accountant.

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