Our mission as a funeral business
is to allow you to offer your loved ones a funeral in their image .

Build your own funeral plan

Build your own funeral plan.

Whether it be for a prearrangement or the planning of a funeral when a death suddenly happens, so many scenarios are offered to you as well as financing methods.

Upon death :

A sudden death is creating a lot of stress and very important decisions have to be taken in a very emotional time. Of course, the financial aspect is at the forefront of your priorities. Even though most people believe that funeral costs are exaggerated, Bleuciel is offering you to tailor your plan using the following calculator to select your choice that meet your expectations and respect the last will of the deceased.

Financing :

If you are not able to pay the total cost of the funerals, Bleuciel offers you financing over a period of 5 years through the Accord D program provided by le Mouvement Desjardins.. But, keep in mind that La Régie des rentes du Québec will pay a taxable death benefit of $2,500 to the person who paid the funeral charges or to the estate, allowing you to pay the total or partial costs depending on the disposal plan that you have chosen.

Prearrangements :

You are thinking of making arrangements while you are living to clarify what you wish us to do and save the financial burden to your family? Bleuciel offers you different scenarios and financing solutions. Using our calculator, build your own plan and see how this plan could be financed.

Available financing programs :

In order to protect your investment, Bleuciel offers two financing methods through insurance policies offered by Assurant-Life of Canada: the death insurance plan and the death savings plan.

Death insurance plan :

The death Insurance plan offers you a protection of your investment with flexible payment terms:


  • Financing available over periods of 1, 3, 5, or 10 years;
  • The payment in full of your plan upon an accidental death in the first two years;
  • The payment in full of your plan upon a death happening two years and one day following the contract signature date and this, even if you had chosen a payment plan that exceeds that period;
  • An emergency notification program that allows you to prepare a list of people that you want to be informed of your death (free of charge);
  • A protection against stolen identity;
  • Transferrable anywhere in North America without penalties;
  • No medical exams required;
  • Funds are protected by Assuris
  • Premiums are calculated according to your age.

Death savings plan.

This plan is comparable to a regular trust fund.

  • Financing is available over periods of 3, 5, 10, 15 or 20 years;
  • No insurance premiums apply to this plan;
  • Funds are also protected by Assuris;
  • Upon death, only the payments made are paid for the funerals. If there is a balance to your plan, the family will have to pay the costs. (insérer le calculateur)